lundi 26 juin 2017

Pen + Ink | a new Get Messy class by Julia

Oh how I love to try new things! How I love something that pushes me to think differently a bout supplies or the way I work. The ever inspiring Julia has offered us the chance to do just that with her now class at Get Messy: Pen + Ink. You are in for a treat when you take this class!

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Jules's style. She is the whole reason I decided to embark on the My Day Arted project. I just love the way she uses colours and lines and patterns in her art journaling. The best part? This class uses supplies you already have or can get for a pretty good price.

I just raided my kids' crayon box and found this handful of markers. I have lots of ink already from various brands like Sennelier, Liquitex, JB Herbin and Winsor and Newton. I keep them in these Ikea flower pots!

As soon as I got the class, I went through a couple of the lessons. I immediately pressed pause and had to try out all the techniques. I am especially mesmerized by the interaction between ink and water. So I started with that.

For the moment, I am using watercolour paper, remnants from books I have bound. I am thinking about dedicating a journal to this class, after seeing Katie's, Ashley's and Riet's journals!

Just in love with these phantom landscapes.

My biggest takeaway from the class so far is how much fun can be had with colour markers or felt tips as Jules calls them. I just love the way they bleed and blend and these are not the expensive kind of markers too. It seems so simple but it is definitely an 'a-ha' moment for me.

Almost as good as watercolours!

 I used a mix of felt tips and inks on the paper strips below, Aren't these colours so vibrant? Don't they give you so much energy? I also wasn't expecting to fall for colour in this way!

The techniques have found their way into my Daily Diary as well. I'm excited to play more and to see how I can incorporate them into my art journaling. This class fits in so perfectly with the Season of Colour. But what you learn can be applied to anything and it's absolutely possible to make it your own.

I invite you to check out Pen + Ink here, at 25$ it's a total steal. You will not regret it.

vendredi 23 juin 2017


Hello all. How was your week? I can tell you that mine was super busy with real life stuff. I had no time to do any of the tutorials and hardly any time in the studio. Plus I hated everything I was making because I was so conscious about how little free time I had, that I was stressed and not making anything good.

My colour this week was yellow and I was having the hardest time finding what I wanted to explore with it. This was the first version of my spread, with an angry queen figure that was expressing my feelings that day. I hated it.

So I covered it up and my approach finally came to me after my Advocate/Warrior archetype got kind of out of hand this week. So here is the Fire Dragon Queen.

I covered the drawn queen with some ripped flames and toxic smoke. This archetype addresses the part of me that is judgemental. I am an open-hearted and loyal person. I will support you and hold you up. But if you hurt me or if you let me down repeatedly, it is hard for me to forgive that.

I tend to then expect that from the person and call out the actions once they show up. I believe this is what is happening with my mother. It's happened with an ex-friend who did this to me. Since that event, I have this Dragon Fire Queen who lives within me and who will put up that firewall when I am in danger of being hurt. It's a defence mechanism.

I love the second iteration of my spread much more than the first. The stapled thread is something I borrowed from Lauren Caterson. This spread also addresses the "death to colour" idea.

My next colour is gold. I love that colour so much and I have maybe 25 different types of it: iridescent, glitter, watercolour, paper, bronze gold, yellow gold, etc. I think I had so much that I put it all on my page and absolutely hated it. Again.

So I covered it all up with white gesso and did an ink blot with all my different gold inks and I felt much better.

This archetype is a positive one that I have: the Queen of seized opportunities. I find my self often scared and nervous and putting myself in situations where I feel stressed about things but every single time I have said "yes" something great has come from it.

Whether it's moving to China, or taking a chance at a new contract or job, I have been very lucky to have had these positive encounters and it is because I have this tendency to do things that scare me.

I am grateful for these golden opportunities that have come my way and even more that I had the guts to say "yes!" I love how the gold looks like veins here. On the right I used tissue paper, one of my great loves is using that type of paper in my spreads and I haven't had the chance to do so in a while.

Thank you for coming by!


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mardi 20 juin 2017

The Circle Zine

We haven't shared a zine in a while but this one is worth the wait. The Zine Squad enlisted Ashley and made a zine for Clare. The theme was circles, plain and simple. It opened up a whole lot of possibilities!

 I made the watercolour circles above and left them mostly blank so the others could add to them. Which they did without it being too much.

I love those huge neon orange sequins. I cut up a leftover self-portrait and aligned it in some holes I had punched. I love that Ashley played off the idea of scattered shapes.

I put the orange ribbon on the left page but I love the added the sequins! Ashley did that and it fits nicely with the lion, almost compensating for the fact that it was black and white. I was the second to have the zine so it's so cool to see how it has evolved.

The right page above was inspired by a Red Hot Chili Peppers song that I was listening to at the time I made it. Circles and planets go together, do they not?

It was really fun to explore this theme, actually to let a shape be our common thread through the zine. Please take a look at everyone's pages : Julia, Katie, Ashley. And give us a like on Instagram to see more of our work.

lundi 19 juin 2017

100 Days of listening to the dead | 41-60

This project is still bringing me so much joy. I truly enjoy matching photos to the text in Spoon River Anthology and I am happy that the combination still resonates with people. Here are day 41 to 60.

I love this message on the back so I didn't glue that one down. ''This is pretty punk. If I get any better ones I will send youse some.''

Thanks for coming by!

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